SOUNDPROOF is a programme of sonic performance art taking place across the two sites of The Forest, Forest Cafe and ForestCentre+. A monthly performance night happening on the second Saturday of the month will take place in the basement of Forest Cafe will present a cross section of talent grappling with sonic potential with the emphasis on presenting works in an informal atmosphere. There will be risk taking, there will be the potential to fall on ones face, there will be chaos around the edges, there will be moments of joy and succes, all events wil be free

Also at Forest Cafe, Every Wednesday evening at 7.53pm a slab of vinyl will be on rotation at the lights out listening event 33 & 1/3 for the remainder. This will take in noise music from the last 100 years. It is an open group and suggestions for the playlist are welcome via our facebook group.

As well as this we have